Private Pilot License (PPL Modular)

Private Pilot License (PPL Modular)

 Course PPL Modular

Minimum duration of course 5 months

  • Ground training for PPL Modular 320 hours
  • Flight training with simulator 5 hours
  • Flight training with piper 28  40 hours

This is the first level of pilots training, in this stage  students after receiving license of PPL(Private Pilot License) have this ability to fly with single engine/light planes with some limitations as follow:

  • Pilots with PPL license must fly during daytime in a good condition of weather.  

In this stage students after about 14 hours of flight with IP(Instructor Pilot) become solo, it means that IPs found out they are capable enough to fly by their own.  

Medical license of PPL is valid for five(5) years.

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