About Us

Arta Kish pilot training center (APTC) was established in 2002 with the purpose of training the young generation after certified by iran civil Aviation organization.

ATPS has provided the best training and operation services by employing professional instructor & operational personal. The center have had 2029 students by end of 2014, pilot students can fly by several types of single engine aircrafts such as pipes 28, Cessna 172 & tecnam. In addition they can use flight simulator of TB21 for some practices.

Payam international airport in Karaj (20NM of Mehrabad) is the base of ATPS. This airport has a runway with 12000 ft length (equipped with NDB&VOR).

The central office ground center classes and flight simulator of Arta Kish pilot training Center is located in Ekbatan , Tehran.

Totally 1460 licenses (PPL, CPL&IR) have been issued by Iranian civil aviation organization for graduated students of APTC unit April 2015.         

arta kish pilot training center